The transfer of prisoners acts 1950

The transfer of prisoners acts 1950 (Act 29 of 1950 )  an act introduced by the government for the removal and transfer of the prisoner from one jail to the other within the territory of a state. Section 29 of the Prisoners Act, 1900, among other things provides for them among other things transfer of prisoners between the states in parts A, C, D of the first schedule to the constitution. There is no provision, however, either in the prisoner act  1900 or any other law for the transfer of a prisoner from prison in those states to prison in part B states and vice versa cases may arise where the removal or transfer of a prisoner from part a,b,c,d states and vice versa may be considered administratively desirable or necessary. This bill is intended to provide legal sanction to such transfers or removal ‘ and for easing the process the act earlier was extended to some states only and after this act it was extended to and shall be in force in the Kohima district and the mokokchung district.

The act was enacted after the judgement of case jhanda Singh vs the state of  Punjab court; Punjab and Haryana decided on; apr -01-1976  the  prisoner act provided for the transfer of prisoners of one state to the prison of another state with the letter' consent, and subsection (2) of the section (3) of the prisoner act authorises the office in charge of the prison to which the prisoner is removed under section (1) of section ..3 of the said act.