Urja Ganga gas pipeline project was launched by our country's Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi, in his City named Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. He wanted to take down the underground gas pipeline length to size 2540 from Uttar Pradesh to reach the estate. This project was launched on 24 October 2016 a weekly paper (The Economic and Political Weekly) published in 2012 is that only 18% LPG cylinders are used in the household only to cook fuels. The rest of the others are used in many other ways of cooking like kerosene, dung cakes wood etc., which is harmful to our human body as well. That scheme which was launched by our Prime Minister, he wants our country to be the most developed country in the map of the globe. In that energy sector, it will have a great influence on our economic sector. Because many of the industries are based on them, or we can say that depend upon fuel and industry is the backbone of any country present on the map of the globe. So by keeping all these things in their mind, our Prime Minister launched that one if the country has proper fuel resources then the growth of that country is definite/rigid. Around 5000 rupees cores were invested for that Urja Ganga Project, and he added that while addressing people. In that Urja Ganga Project approx 2540 kilometres pipeline supply the eco-friendly fuel guarantee to at least to all seven main cities named Varanasi, Patna, Jamshedpur Kolkata, Ranchi, Bhubaneswar and Cuttack. The estimation for the completion of that project is about 2020- 2021 when all these things are going to be completed, then the people can get down the gas fuel supply for their household consumption. When it completes it will give a lot of benefits to all the people. It will help not only for the household but also get the pipe of natural gas and approximately has been on a vehicle turned into CNG model so the problem of fuel in our country which is a big problem nowadays can be served. This project is mainly launched only for the combined development for the eastern state region of a country. Once the project has been completed approx 20 lakhs of the household get down the benefit by tabbing connections at very reasonable prices by getting the PNG connection and many vehicles will be converted to the CNG mode.

  • The main aim and objective of that Ganga project are to offer a proper standard of living by providing/offering them proper good cooking natural gas. And also that gas pipeline project will offer various kinds of benefits to all those millions of people with life in all these States which covers that pipeline project ( few states were named as West Bengal, Orissa, Bihar and so and so).
  • Only because of that project in Varanasi approx 800 km pipeline would be just put down on it and it will give the profit of approx 50 thousand of household and 20,000 of vehicles for that PNG and CNG correspondingly in that region. That project would also allow the accessibility of approx 55 lakh LPG gas cylinders to the rustic population in the just next coming five years that project also tries to clarify/ solve the problem of diesel and petrol by put down or we can say that set up of approx 20 of CNG station in that reason to solve the problem for vehicles.
  • With the help of the Urja Ganga Project, those factories which were closed in Gorakhpur will start again, and many of the people will get benefits and rewards in terms of employment and many more incentives from these factories.
  • The Urja Ganga Project would be very beneficial for all those 20 lakh families which live in all those Eastern parts of a country. Cities were mentioned for the main recipient of the Ganga project named as Kolkata, Patna, Bhubaneswar, Varanasi Cuttack and others.
  • With the help of that project, they will supply both fuel gas and CNG with the help of those pipelines. CNG is also supplied to the large number of vehicles which are fully operated by CNG and it will also help to save a lot of cash because CNG is cheaper in comparison to diesel and petrol. Finally, the economic condition of our country will improve. Any country's economic situation will depend upon the industry and if we will provide them with the fuel at a very cheap rate then the country's growth is definite.
  • The project will give many of the benefits approx 6500 people will get the work supply of CNG in the hotel and dairy will also get benefited only because of that project it will also get employment to the workers. It will also give the assurance by the respective authority about no leakage of the gas pipe as an additional round 5 lakh new gas cylinders will also be provided in the ruling states of our country.


The launch of that Ganga project would not only ensure the safety of the household members' health by providing them clean fuel at all so that project helps in the balance / maintain the eco-friendly system by skipping woods as their cooking fuel.