Ubi jus ibi remedium

Literal Translation

Where there is a right there is a remedy.


The legal maxim is of latin origin meaning there’s always a remedy available where there is a remedy. In literal meaning it means that in cases where a person has a right and that right has been infringed, that person can seek remedy for the violation of that right. It also means that there exists no wrong without a remedy. Here, the word ‘Jus’ means legal authority to mean or to do something and ‘remedium’ means right of action in a Court.


If A gets restricted from entering his own home by some goons, he has the right to seek remedy.

Case Law

Sardar Amarjit Singh Kalra v.Promod Gupta & ors., (2003) 3 SCC 272

The Supreme Court recognized the principle of “ubi jus ibiremum” as a basic principle of jurisprudence.