Suppressio Veri

Literal Translation

Suppression of truth.


The legal maxim is of latin origin meaning suppression of truth is an offence. It means knowingly suppressing the truth, when it should have been disclosed in the first place, rightfully makes the contract invalid. Concealment of truth vitiates a contract. Parties are required to present everything with fairness to maintain a fair deal. Concealment of facts intentionally leads to false beliefs. Suppressio Veri is a ground to rescind an agreement or to avoid carrying it to execution.


The concealment of facts regarding the quality of the product, when it was a rather vital information, is enough ground to rescind the agreement between A and B.

Case Law

Union of India v. Malti Sharma, (2006) 9 SCC 262

The Supreme Court held that a person who suppresses material facts from the Court is guilty of “suppressio veri” and suggestio falsi.

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