Literal Translation

administrative action of judicial review.


It is an administrative law, which technically means administrative action of judicial review. In a way, in which the court determines who may be an applicant for judicial review. the applicant has a sufficient interest in the matter to which the application relates.


If an application is filled and the applicant is found standing then the request will be heard but that does not mean the success of the final application. And if the applicant is not found to have standing to bring the action, the court will not hear their complaint.

Case Law

Janata Dal vs H.S. Chowdhary

The Special Judge disposed of the petition, "Shri H.S. Chowdhary has no locus standi to claim the relief being sought in the petition." In the petition, the High Court dismissed the petition as being untenable on the sole ground of locus standi.

However, it must be made clear that it cannot be said that lawyers are entitled only because they have the right to practice in a court of law to make petitions in respect of any matter relating to judges, courts and the administration of justice. There are many such issues in which there is no point in asking for relief.

Before leaving this subject, it should be noted that the other question of “locus standi” in the field of administrative law is still not strictly understood and hence it is not possible to lay down principles which could govern all such situations in any one case.