Literal Translation

place of crime


The “place of crime” is the location where injury, harm, crime, or tort is committed. In civil matters, it is the place where an alleged act of crime was done.


The place where the disputed property lies. The place where a murder has taken place.

Case Law

Babbon Sheik vs Emperor

Right to search (locus delicti) in order to establish facts during the prosecution of the case. And whether he has the authority to inspect to determine the credibility of the witnesses. The law  was silent on both the questions raised. The Criminal Code must be understood strictly in the absence of rules of practice not found therein, although it may be agreed if the contested rule is not incompatible with any specific provision or the general scheme or the purpose of the code. In accordance with this view, for the purpose of understanding the facts, I grant the power of inspection of the crime scene to the appellant.

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