Felix qui potuit rerum cognoscere causas

Literal Translation

Happy is who was able to know the cause of things


- Generally, it means if any person having a knowledge about particular field and if any complication arise in any familiar field, then he may not become much distress about such problem because he have knowledge of such things about how to handle the difficulties - Therefore a person who have the knowledge as well as know the cause then he is happy.


- A and B entered into one contract and in meanwhile C also joined A and B , C signed the contract randomly without reading the provisions contains in such contract .After few month C had breached one of the provision of contract and as per the provision C shall be liable to pay the penalty for the same. - So here, A and B have the knowledge about such penalty through which they will get the benefit without facing consequences. - In this way, A and B is fortunate.

Case Law

- The Registrar , University of...vs. Union of India[1]

- It was observed that law does not make overnight, it require detailed analysis along with considering all the points .In this Lord Coke states king in his owncannot proclaim any case as there’s always a process prescribe by the law.

- Law is an art which requires deep understanding of the subject matter along with it pros and cons, various major taken into the considered before passing any law.

- A person can recognize such measures only and only if he or she have knowledge.

Madras HC on 19 December 1994