Literal Translation

“Of law”, “Legitimate”


The word “De Jure” is of Latin origin, it means “of law”, “legitimate”. It describes the total adherence of the law. It also means that having a right or existence as stated by law. De Jure is commonly paired with De Facto which means “in fact” and the term is superfluous. De Jure complies all requirements imposed by law.


A Government is formed in a country by legitimate, constitutional and lawful means. This Government is also recognized by other countries. Here, the Government formed is the De Jure Government and it can exercise full power over the country.

Case Law

1. Gokaraju Rangaraju etc. V. State of Andhra Pradesh 1981 AIR 1473

2. Dalbir Singh & Ors V. State of Punjab 1979 AIR 1384