Contra Bonos Mores

Literal Translation

Against the morals or customs


This legal maxim is of latin origin meaning against morals, or customs, or good way of life. All contracts are considered illegal if they are contra bonos mores. These can be reduced to several classes: (1}Incentive to crime, which is a claim that cannot be sustained, therefore, on a bond for compounding a crime or for procuring a pardon. (2}Indecent consideration, or mischievous consideration, is an obligation or engagement which is either prejudicial to the feelings of a third party, or offensive to decency or morality, is void.


A contract to murder A is contra bonos mores.

Case Law

Associate Builders v.Delhi Development Authority (2014)

In this court the court held that, a contract contra bonos mores is illegal. The law in this connection gives no extended meaning to morality.