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It is illegal to hunt camels in the State of Arizona

Although the legislation may have applied at one point in time, there is no such rule today. In 1855, the Secretary of State, Jefferson Davis, persuaded the U.S. Armed powers to import camel herds from the Middle East as a means of freight and man transport. Buyers moved two groups of animals across Texas and to Arizona-the first group of 33 camels and the second group of 44. The camels got a blow! Locals liked them and could handle the heat of the desert while pulling two or three times as heavy as typical mules of the Army. Crowds of adoring fans would crowd wherever the camels were going. The surviving camels either fled into the wild or were killed, at which stage it was declared unlawful to hunt camels. There are storeys about camels roaming through the desert to this day, but none of those accounts is being substantiated.

In England, all men older than 14-year-old must carry out two hours of longbow practice every day

All English males over 14 years of age shall undergo two hours of longbow practice each week, supervised by the local clergy. This rule dates back to the Middle Ages when no army existed and is still in force today.

In London, it is illegal to flag down a taxi if you already have the plague.

In London, it's (knowingly) illegal for a person with the plague to flag a taxi down or attempt to board a bus. The law forbids someone who suspects they have a notifiable disease (including the plague) from accessing some public transport (taxi) without first asking the conveyance driver.

In Boulder, couches may not be played.

In the last two years, shocked by many minor but devastating incidents at the University of Colorado, occurrences in which inebriated students frequently stripped couches from porches and burned them, Boulder authorities adopted an ordinance last week that bans leaving upholstered furniture outdoors. The law, effective from August 1, extends only to University Hill, a suburban community near the campus where the worst incidents have happened. And as the council debated the plan, a couch went up a few streets away, in flames.

It's illegal to serve wine in teacups in Kansas.

Getting imaginative with your wine glasses is no go because Topeka is prohibited from serving wine in teacups. Although there is speculation that there was some fear that children were smuggling alcohol in them, it's unclear whether the rule emerged.

Women who are married can only have one glass of wine in Bolivia.

For "religious" motives, strange alcohol rules are set in place most of the time. That is the case in La Paz, Bolivia, where married women can drink only one glass of wine when they head out to a bar or restaurant. The rule continues to ensure that women don't sleep drunkenly with men outside their marriage. It refers only to women because drunk men have never acted like that while drinking at a pub.

A City with Nudity Law

It’s illegal to be shirtless in Barcelona. A strong exception is a recent prohibition on modesty and semi-nudity: Barcelona's beaches and nearby areas are entirely exempt. Thus, people will be able to go shirtless or only wear bathing suits around beach areas, such as the maritime walkway, but they will be prohibited from doing so in the rest of the city.

The Pickle law of LA

Los Angeles is a large city south of California and the main centre of the film and TV industry in the country. In the vicinity of the famous Hollywood sign, such studios including Paramount Pictures, Universal, and Warner Bros. provide background tours. Pickling is the industrial area of ​​Los Angeles is illegal.

Doctor’s note for Lollipop- Kalispell, Montana

The term Kalispell is a Salish word that means “flat land over the lake.” In turn, Kalispell is the entrance to Glacier National Park. In Kalispell, Montana, if kids would like to buy a lollipop, they will have a doctor’s statement.

License Law for playing games- Tennessee

In Tennessee, the license provision extends to fantasy sports operators conducting regular and seasonal competitions charging players an entry fee for forming fictional teams and then awarding rewards as a result of those games’ outcome.

Cactus Cutting is a Crime- Arizona

Cutting the cactus-like, the famous Saguaro from Arizona carries up to 25 years in prison and substantial fines. It requires permission to cut down a saguaro, even though it is on private land.

Dandelions in Pueblo

Several indigenous Americans still reside in ancient pueblo dwellings, built almost 1000 years ago. In Pueblo, allowing a dandelion to flourish within the city limits is illegal. Hold the dandelions pulled not only for public safety but also to prevent breaching the statute.

Cosmetics and Permit in Morrisville

Morrisville is a town situated mainly in Wake County, North Carolina. It is not legalised for women in Morrisville, PA, to carry any form of makeup without receiving a special license.

Weird driving law for women in California

In California, driving while wearing a bathrobe may be illegal for a woman. And if you’ve driven in LA, you might be forgiven for believing it’s perfectly legal to use the rearview mirror to make your makeup when you’re drinking coffee and updating your Facebook page unless you’re wearing a bathrobe.

Licking Toads banned in California

In California, people can travel in even less than a day within both the lowest and highest points in the continental United States — Death Valley and Mt. Whitney. And licking a toad is illicit in the state of California. But no toad whatsoever. This toad species secrete a venom containing bufotenine which may cause hallucinogenic effects when swallowed.

Atheist’s Office in Tennessee

The state of Tennessee derives its name from the Yuchi Indian word “Tana-see,” meaning “the place of meeting.” Unless you are an atheist, you are prohibited from holding the public office according to the TN Constitution. It’s a rule on the books but mostly forgotten because we are superseding it by the US Constitution.