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A costly Valentines Day in Idaho

Idaho has a unique way to look at things which is evident through its history of outrageous laws. The state has absurd laws, examples of which include; a snake is not allowed to bite on a Sunday, unless it’s snowing or that it is illegal for a lawyer to fine a widow while moving a piano. One of another odd laws is that its illegal to give a girl a box of chocolates or candy weighing less than 50 pounds. Although the residents of Idaho don’t seem to be aware of its legality.


Reincarnation for Buddhists is not only comfort but relatively a renewal of sufferings of incomplete karma. The permission to reincarnate must be authorized by the government else the reincarnation will be held invalid/illegal. Permission can be authorized by sending applications to the four governmental bodies. It is an important step to maintain the reincarnation of the living Buddhas. The selection of reincarnates preserves national unity and solidarity of all ethnic groups.


Necrogamy is the term used to describe a marriage in which one partner is deceased, is legal in France, regulated by Article 171 of the Civil Code. In French Law, if a person can prove that the consent of the deceased was established for the marriage, it will be considered legal. It is usual for women to marry the deceased because they want to assure the legitimacy of their children whose fathers die before taking wedding vows.

In Zeigler, Illinois, only the first four firemen on the scene will be paid.

Fire at someplace leads to a lot of loss, both, in the means of lives and revenue. Whenever there is fire, the most crucial role has played by the fireman. Now, what happens, fireman doesn’t take their job seriously, and because of the delay on their part, the victim suffers a lot. To ensure speedy services, in Zeigler, Illinois, they have taken out a new law that only the first four firemen to reach the spot will be paid and rest will not.


In the state of Idaho, fishing off from the back of a camel is prohibited. Even if you reside next to a lake, still you will not be allowed to fish while riding a camel. There is no law as such which forbids fishing while riding a camel but, Fish and Game rules, 1920 made it clear that trout fishing from the back of any animal will be considered illegal.

Is it illegal to have bathtubs inside houses?

In Virginia, it is illegal to have bathtubs inside the houses; instead, they have bathtubs in the yards. The first reason can be the maintenance of cleanliness, hygiene. The other reason can be the prevention of any offence which can be done inside the bathroom if they are inside the houses. The offences can be like harassment, rape, murder etc.

Is Swearing legal or illegal in the UAE?

According to Article 373 of the UAE Penal code “swearing in public is considered a punishable offence. The punishment is for a term of one year or fine of up to 10,000 dirhams.” Swearing in public is completely prohibited in UAE because according to the people of UAE, they consider it as it “disgraces the honour or the modesty of the person”. Flashing your middle finger is considered as an indecent gesture which breaches “a victim’s pride, privacy and modesty.”

It is legal to attach a 'flamethrower' to cars in South Africa.

According to research, drivers in South Africa are allowed to attach a blaster, or flamethrower, to their vehicle. The 'flamethrower' or Blaster device was actually a thing in the late 90s. The Blaster was a liquefied petroleum gas flamethrower installed along the sides of the vehicle under the doors. With a flip of a switch inside your car, the Blaster would direct flames in all directions, leaving the hijackers blind.


Fortune telling is a well-arranged defraud system to exhaust an enormous amount of money from people by predicting details about their life, which is why it is illegal in the state of Maryland. It is punishable under law with imprisonment up to a term of a year or a fine of $500.

Not taking the dog for a walk thrice, you be fined- what?

Under the new law from the city’s council, in Turin, the owner of the dog has to take it for a walk at least three times in a day, and if they fail to do so, then the owner will be fined. The fine will be up to 500 euros or $650. This law is coming under the weirdest law in the world.

Punishment for forgetting wife’s Birthday- Wow

In Samoa, it is illegal to forget your wife’s birthday, there is no actual reason for this, and no one knows unless she is so cross with you that she reports it to the police. However, just saying “Happy Birthday” is enough; that proves you didn’t forget. Samoan men do not have to give their wife a present, to take her out for dinner.

Punishment for using Vacuum cleaners at an odd time in Melbourne

It is against the law in the outer Melbourne suburb of Brimbank to vacuum clean your house between 10 pm and 7 am on weekdays, and 10 pm and 9 am on weekends, noisy cleaners will cop a $205 on-the-spot fine, which can rise to a $1000 court fine if it is not paid, and subsequent violations attract fines of up to $2000.

Is shaving also monitored in Mexico?

It should be at the discretion of the women whether to unshaven in public. But if a woman is going to Carrizozo, the razor should be the first thing that goes in her luggage and shaving should be her priority. The reason behind this is that it is illegal in Carrizozo to go unshaven in public. For a woman to go out, she has first to shave, and they go out wherever she wants.


As Lord Buddha holds an apex position in Sri Lanka, most of the country practices Theravada Buddhism, and so disrespecting Buddha is considered as disrespecting the religion. So, clicking pictures with the statues of Buddha which can be sighted as an insult to the Lord and hurting the religious sentiments of Buddhists, irrespective of the place it was clicked, is forbidden and punishable under section 290A of the Penal Code of the Sri Lankan law.


In Texas 1973, a bill which couldn't make its entry into the Code of Criminal Procedure was that the criminal would warn the intended victim 24 hours before committing an offence, which could be in oral or written form, explaining the nature, time, and date of the crime. The warning was to be given so that the intended victim can ask for protection.

Tickling women is illegal in Virginia.

Yes, you have rightly heard that it is illegal to tickle women in Virginia. This is considered as one of the weirdest laws that are prevailing in Virginia. It is an illegal form according to the people of Virginia tickling involves touching the body of the women and which will be a form of assault/battery. Assault/battery is illegal, so is tickling.