Res Judicata could be a phrase that has evolved from a Latin maxim, that represents 'the issue has been judged', that means thereby that the problem before the court has already been set by another court, between equivalent parties. Therefore, the court can dismiss the case before it as being useless. The issue as a plan is applicable each just in case of Civil also as Criminal system.

The term is additionally wont to mean 'bar re-litigation' of such cases between equivalent parties, that is completely different between the two legal systems. Once a judicial decision has been declared during proceedings, the next judges WHO square measure confronted with a suit that's a twin of or well an equivalent because the earlier one, they'd apply the issue belief 'to preserve the result of the primary judgment'. This can be to stop injustice to the parties of a case purportedly finished, however maybe largely to avoid gratuitous waste of resources and time of the judicatory.


a) Nemo debit lis vaxari professional eadem lawsuit which suggests that no man ought to be vexed (annoyed) doubly for an equivalent cause;

(b) Interest reipublicae ut sit finis litium that means thereby that it's within the interest of the state that there ought to be associate degree finish to litigation; and

(c) Re judicata professional veritate occipitur that bears that means as a judgement should be accepted as correct.