Denunciation demonstrates the disapproval of the act by society expressed by punishment. The purpose is not only to punish the offender but to show the law-abiding citizens the behaviour for which they are punished or have been denounced is not acceptable. Denunciation has different objectives, I.e. deterrence, punishment is thought to achieve, rehabilitation, retribution and incapacitation. It has been argued that the punishment is not like a private letter, but a billboard mounted on the street. It is also for the victim of a crime and the public at large. The view of denunciation says that punishment is justified as its express society abhorrence towards crime and shows its values to a particular society. Antony duff in 1986 states that punishment is an attempt with the offender to censure their action and hope to secure their contribution.


While the governor was a frequent contributor to the New Jersey Gazelle and by the way, he greatly aided the American cause during the war by his denunciation of the enemy and appeals for patriotism.