The term debarment means "the action which " was taken by the federal agency to prohibit the recipient in the Federal government from participating in the procurement of contract and also try to cover the non-procurement transactions. In other words, we can say that the debarment is the state where you can exclude from enjoying all those privileges, rights, the position of the practices and those acts which perform prevention by the legal means.


For example, ram and sons Pvt. Ltd. Co. Debarred from the contract due to the cause of allegations of fraud, mismanagement and such like that similar properties. In our country, the earliest debarment cases cause the penalty. And therefore also argues that the penalty was unconstitutional ex Post facto and another constitutional issue was raised double jeopardy in that the court of law didn't give the punishment again for the same offence. N letter after the court rejected all the arguments against debarment and set it is not intended for the punishment but rather meant protecting the public from the person who exhibits the capacity for engaging in such kind of conducts.