In order to do well with sales of any particular product or services, the particular Company has to take up ways and means to attract their consumers whether by the way of advertisements, packaging, extra discounts, etc. One of the reasons for these practices is the increased amount of competition where there are similar products sold by a lot of people. 

Deceptive practices are those practices that are undertaken to deceive the consumers. There are various tactics used by people with the aim to sell their products, the advertisements made are so fancy that people actually want to buy the product, there are huge chances that these advertisements might not stand right. 

For example: Fair & Lovely cream showed someone becoming fair from dark, people actually started buying the product and then there was a case filed for false/deceptive advertisements, which then made them recently change their name to Glow & Lovely. 

These kinds of practices are undertaken everywhere. In simple words, it is showing something and actually is something else. They drive to mislead the consumers. Packaging is also a way of these practices, giving extra discounts for products that are old and sometimes even expired products by changing the stickers on the products. Due to them, it is the consumers that ultimately bear the burden and suffer the most. 

No matter how many statutes and regulations are put into execution, there are loop holes always which are exploited and proved to be a disaster for the ultimate consumers. 

Due to the increase of maximum deception through advertisements, there are rules now laid down to meet the minimum requirements and content that should be shown, how things that are too good to be true should be avoided and the actual facts should be shown so that the consumers can wisely then select their products. 

These practices should be avoided or rather controlled which will save the innocent consumers from deceit.