Damages conceive of living in money terms the extent of hurt a litigant has suffered owing to a defendant's actions. Damages square measure distinguishable from prices, that square measure the expenses incurred as a result of transferring a suit and that the court could order the losing party to pay. Damages additionally dissent from the decision, that is that the judicial decision issued by a jury.

The purpose of damages is to revive an Associate in nursing victim to the position the party was in before being injured. As a result, damages square measure typically considered remedial instead of preventive or correctional. However, exemplary damages are also awarded for explicit styles of activity. Before a private recovers damages, the injury suffered should be one recognized by law as warranting redress and should have truly been sustained by the individual.

The law acknowledges three major classes of damages: redress, that square measure meant to revive what a litigant has lost as results of a defendant's activity; indemnity, that include a little add awarded to a litigant World Health Organization has suffered no substantial loss or injury however has withal skilled Associate in Nursing invasion of rights; and exemplary damages, that square measure awarded to not compensate a litigant for an injury suffered however to penalize a litigator for notably flagrant, wrongful conduct. In specific things, two different varieties of damages are also awarded: treble and liquidated.