The simple meaning of the word cease is to come to an end gradually or to stop or discontinue. For example: A particular thing ceases to exist i.e., the existence of that particular thing has come to an end. The meaning of cease life is the coming of an end for a life.

There is often a confusion between the word cease and seize due to the similar pronunciation, but there is a huge difference between the both. The meaning of the word seize is to capture something suddenly or forcefully. 

There are various ways in which the word is used such as cease to exist, cease fire, etc. the meaning of cease fire is to stop the fighting and come to a truce incase of any wars. 

Due to the various external conditions, there is a cease in production of certain goods and due to the COVID-19 situation the physical world has ceased to exist and mostly everything is done online. The dinosaurs have now ceased to exist. A Company on winding up or dissolution ceases to exist.