The general meaning of the word caution is the care taken to avoid any danger or mistakes. The word caution is used in a very regular manner and is an everyday word. If one wants to warn someone else, they always say that stay cautious. 

We come across various situations where we read this word, for example: When we go and purchase a coffee or we take something hot, there is a warning always stating “Hot, stay cautious.” 

It is said that Precaution is better than cure because if one remains cautious then they wouldn’t be hurt and there would be no cure required. When we drive or travel, the roads are bad, there are always warning signs to use caution and safety while driving. The current situation of COVID-19 has only taught everyone that not taking the required caution can cost them their life.

In fact, one has to remain cautious always while doing anything that is dangerous or could be dangerous and even otherwise. One should be careful while accepting terms and conditions while entering into any contracts, while downloading any applications, while walking, while putting up personal photographs, while accepting any new friend requests, while putting in any financial information, while dealing with any financial transaction, while talking to someone, etc., there are so many things that can be listed down which a person has to be cautious about because there is danger in anything one takes up, the above mentioned are a few actions or mannerisms that one experiences on a daily/regular basis, for that matter every individual goes through this cycle. 

There are cases everyday that come on the front page of the newspaper that some amount of money has been debited from someone’s bank account, or someone’s financial information has been stolen, an endless amount of cybercrime. The growth in the usage of online modes has only resulted in giving a message to everyone, which is you either remain cautious or you are the one at a loss.