Adverse possession is a legal doctrine which is described as a “SQAUTTER’S RIGHT” under which a person does not have any kind of ownership or legal title of the property which he has acquired with a continuous possession or occupation of the property and it is only claimable by the person in possession without giving money to the actual owner, if certain requirements are net for a duration of time provided in the statutes of that particular jurisdiction.

The person claiming adverse possession must prove the following essentials or requirements are there for adverse possession:

· HOSTILE- possession or occupation of property in a way that is contrary, or adverse to the true owner's rights.

· ACTUAL POSSESSION: person must be physically present on that property.

· OPEN AND NOTORIOUS: possession must be in knowledge of owner or obvious to anyone observing it.

· EXCLUSIVE: occupation of that property must not be shared with the owner or anyone else.

· CONTINUOUS: possession must be of extended duration.