Adminicle can be stated as:

·      A document giving evidence as to the existence or contents of another, missing document.

·      An auxiliary,providing supplementary or additional help or support.

·      Corroborative or explanatory proof, a statement, theory, or finding that confirms or give support.

·      That which supports or aids, especially evidence.



Court asks the accused to show adminicle. Like-

‘The trial judge took the view that the police officer's evidence of the defendant's being visibly shocked could be regarded as an adminicle independent of the defendant's evidence.’

‘The judge asked to show the adminicle for evidence of the shares of the company bought by a particular shareholder.’


A.Murali vs State of Madras

This prosecution is on 4 people who have made a fake identity of insurance company, and in pursuance have given false post mortem certificates. They have committed crime under IPC as well as, Prevention of Corruption Act,1988. It is not the case of the prosecution that without existence of animals in question, respective insurance claims have been made.The specific case of the prosecution is that all the accused in order to enrich themselves have entered into conspiracy to create fake post-mortem certificates in respect of animals belonged to Murugan, Marimuthu, Ramasamy, Mookaiyan,Rajendran, Paraman, Muthappan and Nagarajan.

Therefore, it’s quite clear that the prosecution has not adduced trustworthy and also adminicle evidence in the present case. The trial Court has invited the conviction and sentence on the basis of fiction and conjecture. It is an everlasting principle of law that in a criminal case unless adminicle, cogent and trustworthy evidence are available, it’s highly impossible on part of the Court to invite conviction/ sentence against the accused concerned. Further conviction/ sentence cannot be invited on the basis of mere presumption and conjecture.