They were taking away a person through means of persuasion, fraud, or force. In other words, it is an act of keeping another person in captivity by use of fraudulent persuasion or through use or threat of force being applied on that person. The person who restrains another person in confinement is known as“Abductor”, and the person who is in custody fraudulently or forcibly is known as “Abductee”.

The three key words that are essential for doing the act to be crime are as followed:

Ø PERSUASION:  convincing someone- mainly a minor or a woman by making them the belief to leave with the persuader. 

Ø FRAUD: Telling the person in which he/ she is in need, or the father or mother wants him/her to come with the always abductor.

Ø FORCE: Use or threat of doing violence for giving bodily injury to pursue the crime of abduction.


 A is a minor wife of B. C takes her forcibly without the knowledge of B and also keeps her in his house for two months,where she runs away with X to Agra who is C’s neighbor. Both of them were arrested on a report of B. In this case, C is liable for the offence of abduction, and X will be responsible if he had taken A for some illegal purpose.


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