Abandonee means a person to whom a right or property is legally abandoned or renounced. In simple words, one that holds or claims abandoned property. The term Abandonee generally applies to insurers of vessels and cargoes. 

Specifically, The voluntary relinquishment of possession of a thing by its owner with the intention of terminating ownership, but without vesting it in any other person is called Abandonment. Any person who possesses or claims this property is known as Abandonee. 


“A” farm owner gives a fellow farmer “B” an easement to use a path on their property so that the sheep can get into the watering hole. The “B” later sold his flock and moved out of state, with no intention of returning. This conduct demonstrates that the “B” has abandoned the easement. If any other person claims or possesses that easement he is known as Abandonee. 


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