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About Us

Our team at Law Community believes in the perpetual connectivity and interaction among the stakeholders of legal profession at every stature of their life. This Community provides effective communicative junction where the legal fraternity can share experiences and make new discoveries. 

Mentorship Program Law Professionals partaking the role of Mentors for Law Community shall prepare conceptual video presentations from their individual homes or workspaces. This Video shall be posted and promoted by Law Community Team on its numerous social-media and cross-messaging platforms. Along with disseminating legal expertise of mentors, interviews regarding their journey in the legal field and their knowledge shall be conducted and showcased to members of the legal fraternity. 

In Mentorship Programme, Various Aspects are Included Such as:

- Interview with the Mentor to Know More about their professional career

- A short video on Explanation of a particular topic.

- Online or Offline Workshop

- Designing of Online Courses in future

- Featuring in Publication of E-Magazine & Journal

Why Law Community?

Law Community is a virtual platform, where we publish various aspects in the legal field such as News, Articles, opportunities, legal knowledge, and every needful expertise that a lawyer would require. Since our inception, we have spread across all the social media sites and cross- messaging platform and gathered over 9000 active members. Apart from these, Law Community Website is an all-stop legal hub for all law professionals. 

Eligibility for Mentors at Law Community

Legal professionals applying for Mentorship must: 

· Belong to a legal background, with degree in LLB (3-year or 5-year LLB degree) 

· Have some experience of conducting Webinars or Virtual Conferences. 

· Have sufficient Knowledge about their Individual Legal Expertise. 

· Have fluency in Speech and Language. 

Benefits for Mentor Mentors associated with Law Community will gain the following: 

· Certification of Honour 

· Virtual Presence in numerous Law Community media-platforms. 

· Opportunity to expand connections in the Legal Fraternity. 

· Future relationship-building with Law Community Team

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