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Related to drafting, vetting and/ or negotiating a variety of agreements, responding and/ or drafting RFI/ RFP, litigation, appointing and liaising with external counsel, closing legal elements of transactions, responding to legal queries (both internal and client related), managing legal audit requirements and helping in all legal matters and handling applications and technology being used to manage legal work of Firstsource.

Compliance Aspects

Related to mapping, tracking and reporting on the compliance status of Firstsource to leadership, liaising with external partner to for several projects related to compliance, managing the compliance framework of Firstsource and handling applications and technology being used to manage compliance activities of Firstsource.


- Give accurate and timely counsel to executives in a variety of legal topics (labor law, partnerships, international ventures, corporate finance etc.)
- Handle drafting, reviewing and negotiation of Client, Contracts, RFP, Software Agreement, Operating/Finance Lease Agreement, Non-disclosure Agreement, Vendor Agreement, Lease Agreement, Leave & License Agreement, Employment Agreement, MOU, Power of Attorney, Declaration cum Indemnity, Affidavit, etc.
- Negotiate, draft and implement multi-party agreements, including mergers and acquisitions, strategic alliances and joint ventures, and affiliation agreements
- Assist in internal governance policies legal and regulatory risk compliance program to ensure all geographies comply with local and international legislation and regulation and implementing same with functional departments.
- Apply effective risk management techniques and offer proactive advise on possible legal issues
- Communicate and negotiate with external parties (regulators, external counsel, public authority etc.),
- Drafting and reviewing of litigation related documentation i.e. plaint, written statement, affidavit and affidavit-in-reply etc.;
- Drafting and reviewing legal notices, termination & suspension letters, etc.;
- Coordinating with external Lawyers in relation to registration of Trademark in various geographies;
- Maintaining and updating database of legal cases and trademarks;
- Perform legal and regulatory research on applicable laws relating to the Compliances;
- Analyse legal and regulatory requirements at the state level;
- Maintain database and physical repository of contracts
- Mapping, tracking and reporting compliance status of Firstsource
- Review compliance checklists based on applicable laws
- Conduct compliance reviews, create management reports and handle business reviews
- Legal Research and analysis as requested by department or business units or Lead on client/prospective client diligence, questionnaires, and certifications
- Ensure scope of work in accordance with local laws and evaluate the risks, provide advice and guidance to mitigate such risks
- Collaborate with management, business and other departments on compliance and other routine issues
- Ensure that business and compliance issues/concerns are being appropriately evaluated and resolved
- Conduct work and assigned duties with integrity and responsibility
- Deal with complex matters with multiple stakeholders and forces
- Keep abreast with alterations in legislation and changes in law
- Ability to handle large projects single-handedly


- University degree, Bachelor of Law.
- Overall Post Qualified Experience: 8 - 13  years
- Industry Experience: In-house experience preferred.
- English qualified lawyer.
- Proven commercial law experience.
- Has sound legal knowledge to be able to provide critical and cost effective legal and compliance support and advice.
- Able to manage and deliver internal and external communication on transactions/ projects to stakeholders in user friendly and efficient manner.
- Should have the ability to make continuous improvements in internal legal and compliance operating practices/ processes.
- Implement/ manage compliance framework.
- Candidate should have experience working with international contracts, particularly for US geography
- Employment Law or Property Law experience a bonus.

About Organisation

The role is responsible for managing the legal and compliance aspects of Firstsource Solutions Limited (“Firstsource”).

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