Online Internship Opportunity at Chamber of Advocate Aditya N Prasad, Delhi [2 Positions, Rs. 2500/Month]


Chamber of Advocate Aditya N Prasad





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2 Months

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Aditya N Prasad is a practicing attorney focusing on environmental law and specific causes of litigation. The Chamber is actively involved in cases that have no past precedent and lay down important jurisprudence.

About the Internship

Selected intern’s day-to-day responsibilities include working on researching, drafting of representations to effect the change, on-ground data collection of data and pictures (wherever required), and drafting a petition from scratch and filing it in a Court of Law. The interns would also be exposed to technical and practical aspects of Courts.

Minimum Working Hours – 7 Hours


  • Student of Law.
  • The applicant should be aware that the work involves long and tedious hours.
  • The work may involve time-sensitive works keeping one on his/her toes.
  • Minimum commitment is for a two month period including a one week trial period.

Number of Interns Required



The internship is primarily Work from Home and in case the intern is placed in Delhi then they are free to participate in Court works.

Who can Apply?

Applicants who are enrolled in 3/5 year law courses with Colleges/Universities recognised by the Bar Council of India.


Rs. 2500/- per month, Subject to Performance

Duration of Internship

Two Months

Application Procedure

Kindly send the answer to the assignment along with CV & writing/drafting sample on email:


Please read the following problem carefully:


  • A public servant who is the Principal Secretary of a Government Department, is also Ex-Officio Director of an Organization, funded by the Govt., and registered under The Societies Registration Act, 1860. The Organization is involved in providing free COVID testing to citizens.
  • The above public servant issues an Order as Director of the above Organization, regulating the price charged by private clinics for COVID testing.
  • The Order states that if any clinic is found to violate the above Order, strict action will be taken as per law.

Question: Will the violation of the Order attract penal provisions of Section 188 of IPC? Please give reasons for your answers.


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