Legal Internship Opportunity


Anhad Law


New Delhi



No. of Openings


2 Months

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The Legal Intern will serve as a member of the Legal Team providing support for the senior members of the Legal Team for the period of two months.


2 months


Legal intern must be in the second year onwards of the of law degree.


The Legal Intern’s essential duties and responsibilities include providing support for or performing the following

• Legal research

• Preparing file/s according to the court for new filing

• Updating court files i.e. recent order and taking action on the basis of the same

• Managing File management system as law firm

• Reviewing and drafting standard contracts

• Compiling and maintaining contingency reports and assisting with preparation of pre-litigation work to minimize risks and maximize legal rights

Mode of Internship

This is not Work for Home position. Legal Intern supposed to attend office regularly subject to Covid-19 conditional and protocols.

The Legal Intern position requires five days per week work.

About Organization

We at Anhad Law are driven by innovation, and members of the frm are focused to maintain a Proactive, Progressive, Profound, and Pragmatic approach. Members of the Firm possess vast experience and expertise in their chosen areas of practice, with a focus on delivering sustainable and practical legal solutions, backed by exhaustive legal research.The Firm strives to offer an open and unbiased platform to its Members to adopt an unconventional approach to legal practice, to offer innovative and business-focused legal solutions. We also offer a work environment that is most conducive for meaningful discussions amongst Members.

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