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2 Months

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Key Responsibility Area:

1st Month

  • Day 1: know what is Aashman Foundation21 days: Milk Bank Campaign (Raise funds/support for children in need to provide them milk to fight malnutrition)
  • 11 days : Collaboration with Influencers/bloggers

2nd Month

  • 7 days: Social Launch on any given social cause by us
  • 7 days: Enhance Brand Reach among people
  • 21 days: Share your Happiness campaign(Register individuals to celebrate their happiness with aashman)

3rd Month

  • 11 days: Intellectual Express
  • 10 days: Sign up- campaign
  • 5 days: Team goal(team will be formed and they need to decide a social goal among themselves and make a difference)
  • 5 days: Dil Khol Kar dkho (do a good deed, make a video and send it to us)

Fund Raising Department

Key Responsibility Area:

  • 1 Day: know what is Aashman Foundation
  • 14 days: Share your Happiness campaign (Register your Happiness with aashman)
  • 11 days: Let’s be ready for red ( sanitary napkins campaign)
  • 10 days: Baal Depression (Providing toys to underprivileged children)
  • 10 days: Milk Bank Campaign (providing milk to fight malnutrition)

Marketing and Sales

Duration: 3 months

Work: Generate funds for the organisation to support the needy, collaborate with brands & individuals for gathering either funds or brand awareness, branding, lead generation, client relationship management, etc

Key Responsibility Area:

  • 1 day: Know Aashman Foundation
  • 14 days: ISR project(Individual social responsibility)
  • 7 days: Activities with corporates
  • 14 days: Share your Happiness project
  • 21 days: Lead Generation
  • 14 days: Collaboration with Brands
  • 14 days: Widow Helpdesk
  • 7 days: Widow Helpdesk Car fuel campaign
  • 3 days: Ek or ek gyarh
  • 3 days: dil khol ke toh dekho

How to Apply?

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Its a free unpaid internship but they will provide a certificate and LOR (Letter Of Recommendation) after successfully completing your respective internships.


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About Organization

Aashman Foundation is an NGO working for single income family widows, women empowerment & child education. Aashman Foundation supports single income family widows by supporting them with monthly grocery and currently we are supporting 1,000 plus such widows across India.

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