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Webinar and Workshop on Rights of Nature in South Asia by GARN Youth Hub, NUJS and Others

The sessions will highlight the importance of Rights of Nature (RON) to conservation efforts while respecting human and indigenous (cultural) rights and the rights of all future generations on Earth. The first session will include youth panellists from diverse backgrounds to share their experience and knowledge in advancing the RON framework in their respective countries and regions, with presentations to include concrete examples and best practices for implementation, with ample time for interactive discussion and brainstorming as the second session.

This discussion becomes quintessential for the south Asian region has played a crucial role in furthering Rights of Nature having recognised the jurisprudence through their court decisions. But, that has remained constrained to the High Courts. Now is the time that we, using the bottom-up approach, ensure that Environmental Justice is done and human rights are ensured too.

Do you need to know about the subject to join the webinar?

You are not at all expected to know about the field of discussion. Your passion for Mother Nature and urge to explore the sea of knowledge are sufficient reasons for you to be made eligible for joining the session. They expect you to learn and take back more from the webinar.

Details of the Webinar

Date: 07th October 2021 from 7:00 PM IST.

The webinar and workshop will be conducted over Zoom. The link of which shall be sent by email to all the registered participants.

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About the organizer

The Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature was founded in 2010 by global leaders who helped power the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth at the People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Later that year in Ecuador, these leaders established an Alliance that could power the Rights of Nature movement to realign humankind’s relationship with nature and heal the planet. The Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature (GARN) founders and members believe that in order to ensure an environmentally sustainable future, humans must reorient themselves from an exploitative and ultimately self-destructive relationship with nature to one that honours the deep interrelation of all life and contributes to the health and integrity of the natural environment. An essential step in achieving this is to create a system of jurisprudence that sees and treats nature as a fundamental, rights-bearing entity and not as mere property to be exploited at will. GARN’s mission is to serve as a global network for connecting and fostering relationships, exchanging knowledge, building an intersectional movement, and nurturing collaboration to advance the understanding and implementation of the Rights of Nature. The Youth Hub is a global network by youth and for youth (-35 years old) all over the world, with the objective to empower young people to become ambassadors of the Rights of Nature movement, generate positive impact, and advocate successfully on behalf of the Rights of Nature and future generations. Most recently the Youth Hub worked alongside Earth Law Center to draft the Youth Declaration on the Rights of Nature and Future Generations.


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Webinar and Workshop on Rights of Nature in South Asia by GARN Youth Hub, NUJS and Others

Oct 7, 2021
Hosted by:
The Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature
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