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Moot Court Competition at NMIMS Indore

General Rules/ Guidelines for the Competition


  1. Competition means the 1st National Moot Court Competition, 2021
  2. Court Room means an online platform where the oral rounds will be held.
  3. Participating Team means the team which has registered itself as per the rules for registration.
  4. Participants mean the students participating in the competition as speakers and researcher of the participating team.
  5. Penalty refers to the deduction of marks due to non-adherence of rules and regulations of the competition.
  6. Organizers mean the Moot Court and Trial Advocacy Committee, School of Law, NMIMS, Indore.
  7. Rebuttals refer to the arguments/questions raised by the petitioners/complainants at the end of the round, when all the speakers have completed their arguments.
  8. Sur – Rebuttal refers to the arguments raised by the respondents in reply to the rebuttals.
  9. Scouting means a person observing the oral round of other teams whom he/she is not a part of. 10. Team Code refers to the code allotted to the participating team by the organizers.


The official language for the National Moot Court Competition shall be English only

Dress code

All the teams participating in the competition must adhere to the following dress code during the virtual moot court competition

Male – White shirt, black trousers, black coat and black tie.
Female – White kurta and salwar or white shirt, black trousers along with a black coat

Eligibility criteria

All the students from three-year or five-year integrated law program from any University/ Law school/ College/ Institution can participate in the Competition.

Team composition

The team shall comprise of three students only, out of three members two shall be the speaker and one shall be the researcher. The teams will not be allowed to substitute any of its members after the registration process has been completed, except with the permission of the organisers in case of any contingency only.

Registration Process

  • The students have to fill out the fields provided in the Google form and complete the payments formalities which have been mentioned in the abovementioned form.
  • Post-registration, the participants would be receiving a conformation mail from the organizing committe, confirming the team’s registration.
  • Registration fee is Rs. 600.

Submission guidelines

  1. Each team has to prepare written submission/memorial from both sides i.e. from the side of petitioners/appellants/applicants/complainants and from the side of defendants/respondents of the case.
  2. Memorials shall be identified by the team code assigned to the participating team; the memorials shall not in any way whatsoever disclosed any information pertaining to the identity of the participating team (names of the participants or the name of their Institution/College/University).
  3. Petitioners/Applicants/Appellants are required to have a Blue coloured front page whereas Defendants/Respondents are required to have Red coloured front page.
  4. Participating teams are required to send their memorials via E-mail to the organizers at latest by 23:59 PM, 3rd October, 2021. The subject should be titled as ‘team code – college name – final memorial submission’.
  5. Only soft copy needs to be submitted.
  6. Late submissions of memorial will amount penalty.
  7. Memorial should not exceed 25 pages.
  8. If any team wishes to showcase compendiums during the competition, they should submit the same by 4th October, 2021.

Important Dates

Serial No.EventsDates1Registration begins23rd August, 20212Last Date for Early Bird Registration1st September, 20213Last Date for Registration15th September, 20214Last date for Clarifications25th September, 20215Release of FAQs26th September, 20216Last Date for Memorial Submission3rd October, 20217Last date for Compendium Submission4th October, 20218Run Through Session7th October, 20219Inauguration Ceremony and Memorial Exchange8th October, 202110Preliminary Rounds and Quarter Final Rounds9th October, 202111Semi Final Rounds and Final Rounds10th October, 202112Valedictory Ceremony10th October, 2021

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Contact Deatils

Contact- +91 70008 20872, +91 73889 25989
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About the organizer

The Indore campus of NMIMS carries forward the University’s mission to provide good quality, socially sensitive human resources to the nation. The mission of NMIMS Indore is to be an institution of excellence for learning and collaborative research in Management with a deep commitment to people. NMIMS Indore believes in practical implementation of knowledge acquired, therefore our students have guidance to research orientated and industry experience faculties. Indore campus encourages professional counselling to students for assessment of their core competencies. Due emphasis is on strategic learning with a view to create business leaders. Students get exposure to real life situations through industrial and rural visits along with an initiative ‘We Care’ relating to NGO activities. Students are trained with various life management skills like annual management events, primary research, case development, research paper publication, institute activities, participation in various seminars and conferences etc. NMIMS Indore understands that such learning can be hectic and hence, for better stress and time management, we encourage students to practice yoga, leading to performing excellence, meditation and spiritual orientation. To attain clarity of thought to meet everyday challenges.


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Moot Court Competition at NMIMS Indore

Oct 10, 2021
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