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1st International Paperless Cyber Law Moot Court Competition by NUSRL, Ranchi and Cyberlaw University

As the use of computers got more widespread in the cyber world, there was

an expansion in the advancement of technology as well, and the term "Cyber"

became more familiar to the people. The evolution of Information Technology

(IT) gave rise to the cyber space, in which the internet provides equal

possibilities to all individuals to access any information, data storage, analysis,

and so on using cutting-edge technology. These crimes are similar to an attack

on an individual's, corporations, or government's secure information. In this

technological world, most of the people have no knowledge regarding which

types of crimes come under the cyber-crime. At this juncture of history, the

knowledge of cyber laws is essential and this moot has the purpose and goal

of spreading more awareness about cyberspace and cyber laws.

The NUSRL International Cyber Law Moot Court Competition aims to foster and

cultivate interest in the field of cyber law and the role of information

technologies in societies around the world. The NUSRL international Cyber Law

Moot Court Competition challenges students to engage in comparative

research of legal standards at the national and regional levels, and to develop

their arguments (in written and oral forms) on cutting-edge questions in Cyber


About the organizer

NUSRL, Ranchi was established by an Act of the State Legislature in response to the constitutional forefathers’ vision that the law, legal system, and legal institutions play a pivotal role in the Nation’s human, social, political, and economic development. Cyberlaw University is an online university devoted solely to the study of Cyberlaw and related legal issues. The goal of Cyberlaw University is to provide a variety of courses and diplomas that will make participants more aware of the various legal issues relating to cyberspace, the Internet, and the World Wide Web.


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1st International Paperless Cyber Law Moot Court Competition by NUSRL, Ranchi and Cyberlaw University

Dec 12, 2021
Hosted by:
NUSRL, Ranchi
5:30 pm
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