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Introduction to Legal Drafting

10 Hours
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Rs 1499
10 Hours
15-16 & 22-23 August 2020
Last Date to Apply
1st Aug 2020
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Course Overview

Law Community brings forth the Course on Legal Drafting for Law Students and Lawyers. Here the students who register can learn the aspects of legal drafting and the essentials of the same. Law Community ensures Practical Expertise being the central aim of the course.


Course on Legal Drafting brings an opportunity for interested students and lawyers to be guided in legal drafting. Legal Drafting is an instrumental skill development in the professional legal career. Law Community understands the requirement of legal professionals to delve deeply into step-by-step understanding of drafting in law. The academic education of the subject is not enough; students essentially face difficulties when it comes to practical expertise. Law Community enables the professionals to guide its registered students with the drafting principles and procedures. This also includes various legal instruments which commonly plays an important role in legal career.


Module 1: Understanding the Basics to Legal Drafting

1.         Introduction to Legal Substantive Knowledge & Essentials of legal drafting

2.         Recognizing Different Legal Drafting Instruments / Pleadings

3.         Analysing Principles of Drafting & HC and SC rules Qua Drafting

4.         How to Draft Contracts & Corporate Instruments

5.         How to Draft agreement to Sell, sale deed & partnership agreement

6.         How to Draft Power of Attorney


Module 2: Learning Civil Drafting (Part 1)

1.         How to Draft Plaint

2.         How to Draft Written Statements & Counter Claims

3.         How to Draft Rejoinders

4.         How to Draft Amendments to Pleadings

5.         How to Draft Interim Applications



Module 3: Learning Civil Drafting (Part 2)

i.          How to Draft Regular First Appeal & Regular Second Appeal

ii.         How to Draft SLP

iii.        How to Draft Writ Petitions

iv.        How to Draft Revision & Review Petition

v.         How to Draft Other Civil Applications including Rejection of plaint, Affidavits,Statement of Truth in Commercial Suit, Vakalatnama, Adjournment, Postponement, Preponement


Module 4: Learning Criminal Drafting

i.          How to Draft Police Complaints (Cognizable Offences & Non-Cognizable offences)

ii.         How to Draft Complaint to Magistrate

iii.        How to Draft Regular & Anticipatory Bail Application

iv.        How to Draft Discharge Application U/S245 CRPC

v.         How to conduct Examination in Chief and Cross Examination

vi.        How to Draft Criminal Writs, Criminal Revision & Quashing of FIR

vii.       How to Prepare final arguments


·      Legal Drafting is an essential aspect for every legal professional.

·      Teaching at Colleges is mostly limited to academic purposes, unlike in this course.

·      Students will get the opportunity to attain Practical Knowledge of the Subject.

·      This course will be led by experienced lawyers

·      These lawyers have experience in dealing with legal drafting in their normal courseof business.

·       A part of real-life legal experience will be shared with the students.

·      It teaches the reality of legal drafting, as used in the professional legal career.

·      Students will not just be taught, but guided on how to draft these legal instruments.

·      Students will be duly assessed and guided to reach the best of potential.

·      Students will receive an e-certificate after successful completion of the course.