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Course on Drafting of Corporate & Commercial Agreements

7 Days
Course Fees
Rs 999
7 Days
5-11th July 2021
Last Date to Apply
30th June 2021
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Soft Copy Material


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Course Overview


Module 1

●     Basics of Contract Drafting

●      Effective Representation of Contract

●      Legal Language for Drafting Contracts/Agreement

●     Pre-Contractual Instruments

●     Essentials of Valid Contract

●      Structure of Contract

●      Drafting of Preamble

●      Drafting of Definition & Interpretation Clause


Module 2

●     Essential elements forTermination & Dispute resolution clause

●     Drafting of Termination Clause

●     Drafting of Dispute ResolutionClause

●     Drafting of Boiler PlateCondition

●     Drafting of other Essentialelements of Contracts (Right, Duties etc)

Module 3

●     Drafting of MOU

●     Conflicting Provisions

●     Non-Disclosure Agreement

●     Confidentiality Agreement

●     Employment Contract

●     Drafting of General Agreements


Module 4

●     Drafting of MOA & AOA

●     Drafting of ArbitrationAgreement

●     Drafting of LLP Agreement

●     Drafting of Policy Document ofCompany (Anti-Discrimination Policy, Lease Policy etc.)


Module 5

●     Drafting of Trademark UsageAgreement

●     Drafting of lease deed

●     Complaints Handling, Policiesand Procedures

●     Drafting of IPRClause/Agreement

●     Oral Contracts

●     Ecommerce Contract


·      Legal Drafting is an essential aspect for every legal professional.

·      Teaching at Colleges is mostly limited to academic purposes, unlike in this course.

·      Students will get the opportunity to attain Practical Knowledge of the Subject.

·      This course will be led by experienced lawyers

·      These lawyers have experience in dealing with legal drafting in their normal course of business.

·      A part of real-life legal experience will be shared with the students.

·      It teaches the reality of legal drafting, as used in the professional legal career.

·      Students will not just be taught, but guided on how to draft these legal instruments.

·      Students will be duly assessed and guided to reach the best of potential.

·      Students will receive an e-certificate after successful completion of the course.