When we talk about our right to equality, it includes every aspect of one’s life. Whether its interest, career, place or lifestyle

Vanshika Gaba
July 19, 2020

When we talk about our right to equality, it includes every aspect of one’s life.Whether its interest, career, place or lifestyle. But the term lifestyle includes a term called LOVE. When we talk about love we are just diversified that if you are a male you will have to live your life with a female and vice versa.

But,some people have love interest beyond that framework. And they wish to be accepted by society as who they are. There is a part of the population in the world known as lesbians, gays or homosexuals. These are the people who don’t find this definition of restricted love suitable for them and wish to go beyond that and love the person who they find perfect for them irrespective of their gender.

There was a time in society when inter-caste and inter-religion marriages were not allowed but people got over it because it was against the principle of humanity and violates the right of equality. We need to understand that love is not bound in the walls of gender or caste or religion and we must accept love inits pure form.

We are humans we learn from our mistakes, we restricted love by defining its limits, whereas it’s limitless. We need to first accept our mistake to overcome it and take corrective measures. We are a developing nation and we need to have a firm ideology to keep growing. We need to have open mind-set to allow changes and allow the smooth growth of the nation in all aspects.

Some rituals were followed in ancient times because there was no technology. Like in India it was obeyed as a ritual to not do house cleaning after sunset. There was a reason behind it that is, at that time there was no electricity or torches so important items might get thrown away in the trash. But now we have LED lights so there is no harm to clean our houses after sunset.

Similarly,we need to grow our mind-set and make necessary amendments required. We need to adopt a flexible approach to life and stop making a rigid attitude towards things. Love is a need of everyone’s life and it should not be restricted in categories. Everyone should be respected equally, none should be judged by their interest or acted biased for the same.