Focus, Continuous Reading, Public speaking: Necessary for Law Professionals.

Advocate Gazal Daga in her interview, talks about inculcating the habit of reading any book, newspaper etc. and to gain confidence while speaking publicly. She also emphasized on honing the skill to contact with the people around us and to gain knowledge from the people in the field of law. Participating in various debate competitions or moot court competitions can enhance the understanding of a person. Knowing Legal Drafting is essential for any law professional, as it is the skill which helps us to represent our clients in the best possible way.

Team Law Community
August 29, 2020

 We welcomed Ms. Daga, under the initiative of Lawyer Speaks. She is a person of great stature and possess exceptional knowledge in corporate law, Criminal law, civil law and family matters. She joined us for a semi-formal conversation related to her career and delightful experiences that she had in her past. This will definitely prove fruitful for budding lawyers as well.




She was fascinated about law since her childhood. She had keen interest in Public Speaking, writing, researching and reading. Even these are essentials to be a great Lawyer. Law profession can be a great source of inspiration, opportunity and success.

Whether you talk about monetary gain or opportunity to do something for the society.Legal profession gives you better recognition and reputation in our society. Co-curricular activities such as Moot Courts, Memorial Writing Competitions in forming the mindset for the law student for the real Courts.

These activities develop personality of a good lawyer. These give you deep knowledge of Law and presenting research papers. Also, writing articles develops writing skills in you which helps you to become a good Lawyer in future. She mentioned, she used to participate in these activities in her Law School. It generates confidence and gives exposure of legal world.



Initial 10 days of pandemic, it was tough time for her to setup Virtual office.She has clients from several states for instance West Bengal, Pune, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Rajasthan. Earlier scope was very limited because of  frequent travel needs and clients also used to hesitate because trusting an Advocate from other states was not normal for them. During pandemic situation they had sufficient times to discuss with us so they focused on all the legal compliance’s.

According to her Law is an ocean of opportunities. There are multiple career paths a LawDegree Holders can choose like Judiciary, Litigation in Civil and CriminalMatters and Corporate Law.




She suggested, Focus on your goal work hard and smart. Develop good time management and very basic thing is decide a field you are interested in. After deciding start command over that particular Law and practical knowledge is essence for everything.

LegalDrafting skills are very much needed for every Lawyer it’s like very basic skill a Lawyer must possess. Read more and more draft understanding clauses of the agreement very clearly and individually.

Specifically for contract drafting she suggested, Contract must be understandable by the parties, every clause must be separate. Also, proper heading should be given and keep it reside and concise. For Legal Blogging, Blogging is an Art of explaining and expressing and presenting your views on a particular topic. We should keep on reading and updating ourself. So keep your Blog very informative, engaging.




She admired website and efforts of Law Community. Law community has broaden the concept and according to her many budding lawyers would be attracted to it.Daily legal updates which is very interesting to study and read are shared.