Gaining experience through Internships and extracurriculars: Adds the scope in the field of a Lawyer.

Advocate Jeevesh Mehta in his interview talks that internships and taking part in moot court competition helps the person to gain confidence about representing themselves and even their client in the court in future. He stated that moot court competitions help the person to represent their client in the best effective manner in the court, having all possible solutions to make the client win the case. The mannerism and conduct in court are also very important and plays a significant role standing before the Judge. He also said that a person knowing various field could reach heights compared to a person who is having less experience and knowledge about multiple aspects of the law.

Team Law Community
August 29, 2020



We welcomed Mr. Jeevesh Mehta to a semi- formal conversation; under the initiative of lawyer speaks. He is deemed to be an Advocate in Honorable Supreme court. He joined our organisation for a brief period and told various facets about his life. From his childhood to his litigating days. It will give an insightful experience to budding lawyer and will give them valuable knowledge about the field they will go in their future.




Mr.Jeevesh specialises in commercial laws and took it, because of the scope and interest that it adds. In todays world people with a specialisation in commercial law are sailing smoothly. As MNC’s now-a-days give adequate amount opportunity and salaries are also genuine, he said.

He preferred to do as many internships as he could. Took part in moot courts which gave him the adequate amount of confidence that he looks in the interns that he chooses.




In these unusual conditions, it was, in the first place, a little difficult to adapt. Yet as time passes, lawyers became still satisfied with the same thing.Since it takes a lot less time, more clarity and a big jump for legal fraternity. That, in his mind, is the 'new standard.' Technology is a must in today's world, he added.

He added that when it comes to technological advancements, lawyers are missing.The complex world is opposed. Lawyers are not fully conscious of the process and the way things are going. It's a challenge for them. Yet they're going to adapt to it with time.




The extra-curricular activities in law colleges are very important. Moot Courts are playing. A very critical position to play. As they offer an idea of how to pose the case before Someone who's saying Convict. But you ought to get a kind of impression and understanding about how to stand in front of the Court and which side to stand, He added.




He appreciated the kind of research that the law community does. An environment like this lets a budding lawyer get a head start and do a lot more in their lives. It offers these little buds a whole new forum and incentives.

This also presents young people with informative internships and excellent workshops. This kind of society makes the world a safer place and appreciates the efforts of the law profession, he said.