Web-series can lead to a successful future.

David Galea, in his interview, talks about his developing interest in the field of law. He was interested in the legal world from the beginning, but English web-series also developed his interest in this field. He mentioned that raising arguments on behalf of our clients, black court worn by a lawyer etc. were the things which fascinated him towards the law field.

Team Law Community
August 29, 2020



We welcomed Mr. Daniel Gala under the initiative of lawyer speaks. He is deemed to be a pioneer in corporate world. He is a person who possesses great knowledge.He joined us for a semi-formal conversation. And shared a few facets of his life with us. Which would help budding lawyer to broaden their point of view.




He,from the very beginning was interested in law. And it all happened because of a simple English net-series. It pumped him up to be a lawyer. He was always interested in legal proceeding, Black court lured him and Every argument that he heard in the court inspired him to be the same.


The fire in the belly to achieve something in future increased and it gave birth to one of the best corporate lawyers. He did three degrees including masters which gave him a qualitative edge over others.


PieceOf Advice


The advice is to work and work as hard. You should work more effectively. If you have made errors, that are good to learn but don't repeat those mistakes. And try to solve your error with your colleague or the elderly. You must be proactive and committed to lawyers talk. Take full advantage from them, she added.

To Conclude


Pandemic & pandemic


The market is less competitive and demanding, and there is a lot of competition, but clearly this competition is an incentive to make it more productive. But technology changes slowly and gradually in pragmatic scenario. Market will definitely rise. So, let’s stay positive.

And we don't have to be scared of transition, because we still need to engage inour professional growth to increase and strengthen our skills, so we don't learn that much yet, so that's good, she added.