There is no shortcut to achieving success.

Advocate Vidyotima Jha in her interview talks that to achieve success in life, people has to surpass all the hurdles, had to work hard and believe in themselves to achieve success. Every day towards career lead to problems, but to handle them and be calm and composed in that the most significant difficulty, when executed, can lead a person to success. So start doing the great, automatically the great future will be built.

Team Law Community
August 29, 2020



We welcomed Dr. Vidyotima Jha under the initiative of lawyer speaks. She holds aDoctorate in International relations and is deemed to be advocate in supremeCourt. She is a pioneer when it comes to international relations. She joined us for a semi-formal conversation in which she shares few facets from her colourful life. Which will help law aspirants get due knowledge of this field.




She was very clear from the very beginning that she wants to pursue law. As she wants to help people and provide them justice and this made her all the more passionate about law. She pursued with a doctorate in international relations because of the versatility, that it possessed.


She mentioned about the dynamics related to the field of international law. It maybe Government policies, Taxation policies and Stability of the economic system of every country is a different matter altogether. After globalisation, it has taken a great change and due to this sole thing, every matter has a whole new challenge.


In the starting of her career, she said people usually face a lot of problems as their seniors are little arrogant and it makes it very difficult to grab the zest of the work. But luckily, she got very decent seniors who taught here very thing that is there in pragmatic scenario. Different internships provide you the right experience to achieve better for yourself, she added.





There are various challenges that an individual faces specially in litigating field according to her. It’s because of the deadlines, Instructions at the last moment. They put extra effort to strengthen themselves. It helped her to grow at the level she is standing right now.


Money comes your way, when you put all your efforts and never give up, she added.When it comes to training, it plays the most important role to shape an individual. Researches needs to be technically right, systematic and original.And all these attributes come from hard training and a lot of efforts.




She mentioned; IMF has said, it’s very much the worst situation in the world that depression can occur all over the world. But the IMF has also said that after the pandemic, India too can be in good shape. So, this pandemic has affected every profession and business. There are many other legal issues that aren't regularly employed in Criminal Law and others and very much in ILO.