Reordering anything; won’t land you anywhere.

Advocate Aanchal Kesari, in her interview, states that choose the field, you are interested in and when you get one; be the one who is aspired by all. She mentioned that copying and pasting the material from the internet and submitting all the projects and assignments, won.t be helpful in future. For earning a considerable sum, practical knowledge, and a way to deal with a client are of much importance. Time management, patience, Update yourself with the legal world are essential for landing successfully.

Team Law Community
August 29, 2020



We welcomed Ms. Aanchal Kesari, under the initiative of Lawyer Speaks. She is a person of great stature and possess exceptional knowledge in taxation laws. She is deemed to be an Associate in Supreme Court of India. She joined us for a semi-formal conversation related to her career and delightful experiences that she had in her past. This will definitely prove fruitful for budding lawyers as well.



She was a brilliant student from the very beginning and wanted to pursue law from her childhood days. She liked the proceedings and decorum that was in the court. She got influenced by the persona of it and decided to become a Litigant. She shared that she tried to doing as many internships as possible. Since, it gives you a sense of accomplishment along with much more valuable knowledge.

These internships help you finding out your area of interest. The same happened with her too. One of the internships inspired her to specialise in taxation law. And it also benefits you in enhancing as a person, she added.




When you write, write like a lawyer, as just copying and pasting won’t land you anywhere. You should always concentrate on complex issues in these matters. You should also try to write paper on simple words for juniors, not complex ones. Also, the paper should be in active form and not passive form to capture the interest of audience, she added.

She gave a special advice to budding corporate lawyers. You need to focus specifically on GST. There are more matters of claim in GST that you could be seen today. And because of the introduction of GST, most are lying to tax regimes and cannot be claimed as the tax money. On the other hand, there are lots of problems with refunds in GST. So she shares that it holds a great scope as well.




First of all, law students must have patience, as they expect package will be high after graduation. But you will need to study more and gain more practical knowledge when you come in a practical job. You need to manage customers and have to be patient for that. Secondly, you have to do hard work and you have to constantly update yourself that you need to be ready for the whole day. Lastly, management of the time is very important, she added.