In Conversation with Awanish Srivastava

Lawyer Speaks Episode

Team Law Community
August 26, 2020

We welcomed Advocate Awanish Srivastava under the initiative, Lawyer Speaks. He is managing partner at Naks and works for Pan India litigation, consulting and many other aspects like arbitration. In this semi-formal conversation with litigant. He shared many insightful facets from his professional journey, which is being presented to you.


Awanish Srivastava was initially very confident and was fascinated to do challenging tasks. He never preferredHectic work. He was pursuing Company Secretary and found legal profession could work-well for his ambition. Legal profession had different challenges, and being enthusiastic, he got more inclined towards it.

Passion for shaping career made him do job in dayshifts and going University in evening. Also, he was an active participant for moot court competitions and programs organized by different organization.  He was resolute to shape his career.

He was working in courts to get experience without thinking of monetary aspect to thrive in his life. He got many good opportunities from consulting firms as well as from renowned corporates like Future Group and Big Bazaar. He got whole different experience while working in these Corporates. Like how contracts and coordination are handled, dealing with variety of clients and much more.  

After this exposure, He left the job and decided to do practice along with MBA. which is a great move to make. He emphasized on being a good orator, to interact with people and leave an everlasting impact on their minds. He never gave up learning and also learned from young students.


He is working in diversified fields, also he managed to keep himself physically and mentally healthy. The strategy to manage each aspect according to him, is by diving 24 hours in 3 parts of life that is 8 hours as professional or work hours, 8 hours for own self and 8hours for personal growth like exercise, family and social life. He do not compromise with time for any of them, which is the key to his balanced life.

As he had worked independently. So, joining corporate firms the reporting system was a bit of hard to adopt. While working in corporate for almost 8 years, he earned best employee award in4years service.

Pandemic: Life

He has a view that virtual proceedings are a brilliant concept but it is helpful for 1% people but not form asses. There are people who don’t know about handling laptops and technical stuff like individual clients are facing issues, for corporate clients, it’s not much issue. Because, the lawyers are not that techno-savvy so there is co-ordination gap between the counsels, as observed by Supreme Court as well.

The company, he works in, is litigation-based organization. So, because Supreme and High Court are only taking important matters. The litigation-based companies are miserable. The pandemic has caused adverse circumstances for people in every field.


The session was concluded with an advice by Advocate Awanish Srivastava for upcoming lawyers. He said he had met many law students and they are not much clear about their ambition. As, law profession has flourished over the years, there are many law students but their motto is not clear. He suggested that students of 1st, 2nd and 3rd year can opt for multiple studies, but students of 4th and 5th year need to finalize their ambition.

He stated that there are many possible fields for law students and they need to fix their gaze at one and have to work for it whole heartedly to fix their jobs. If you decide about the field in 5th year you have to put 100% and it takes at least 3 years to shape your career.

Talking about litigation there are 2field- drafting and court appearances. Interviews are done to check the analytical skills, command over drafting and English communication. There are various legal communities which are going to benefit students. They can put up blogs, post videos and training modules of Company Secretary or Lawyer and whatnot . All of them are going to enhance their skills and build a stable career.