Patience, Hard work and success: Reaching heights.

Advocate Abhinav Rama Krishna in his interview, talks about the patience, hard work and success; all go hand in hand. To achieve the heights; one should have the patience for the result to have opted and shall not feel depressed if the results are not achieved early. Everything takes time to be the best. He also enhanced to updated with legal happenings in the world, i.e. he focused the law aspirants to read the newspaper daily and search about the regular updates. Patience is the key to success and efforts done by a person will give victory at some point in life.

Team Law Community
August 29, 2020


Advocate Abhinav who is deemed to be a law practitioner, Joined us in a semi-formal conversation. He  shared few facets from his journey. The conversation took place under the initiative, Lawyer Speaks. Onset of conversation he told about his habit of reading newspaper. He emphasized on the importance of being updated about the government and laws . He had little inclination towards law and constitution, so his father encouraged him to pursue the same as career..

He was embolden, he got enrolled inSymbiosis Law School. He participated in various moot courts. After getting degree, instantly, got work in Chambers of Supreme Court. He mentioned he was given cases by seniors to fight on their behalf. For the same he had to dedicate his lot of time. He was subject to produce facts and briefs. He keenly devoted his time and efforts.


He said if you are working under some firm, you have no identity. He wished to gain recognition . Hence, he was never attracted to join law firms. “When you are an practitioner, you learn the responsibility.” This statement was well justified by him. From filing of the case to presenting arguments, you grow , He added.

He added in the pandemic era, thee-filling and e-hearing system is all new for us. Also, e-filling system was prepared since long, but the usage has begun now. According to him need of houris bringing changes. He appreciated the changes happening, as it is the need of hour.


Looking at youngsters he found it relevant to have ‘Patience’ for everything. Hard work and dedication are nevertheless very essential. He added a beautiful stance to litigation,“Litigation is like a prayer, court is the temple and you are the priest.”Also, he added better you organize and preach, more will be the Prasad by the judge.

Further he said, efforts done by you will be acknowledged have patience. Law students are keen to do internships inSupreme Court. The initial step is trial court, the foundation must be strong.Hence, he wants students to grow steadily.


He summed up by adding the base must be strong to carry huge ambition and prosperous future. He acknowledged LawCommunity as being a great platform for students. He believes in sharing the knowledge and make others grow.