Judiciary; isn’t a cup of Tea.

Justice Pragati Singh, in her interview, talks that obtaining judiciary as a profession isn't easy to handle and does require the capability to provide justice to the people. She talks about the people not being satisfied by the judgement where parties on either side, hope for justice. She added that Judge's responsibility is to provide justice, in whatever time-frame that doesn't matter. If the Judge fastens the process, there can be many problems, and maybe the justice will not be delivered.

Team Law Community
August 29, 2020

We welcomed Ms. Pragati Singh under the initiative of lawyer speaks by LawCommunity. She is a person of great stature, who shared various facts from her fascinating journey. She is a pioneer in IPR laws and first judicial officer from her institute. Her journey was filled with a lot of lessons that would help budding lawyer to absorb some valuable knowledge and make them aware about various facets from her life.




As soon as she completed her engineering, she got inspired for pursuing law, because of exceptional opportunity and her family background of lawyers. IPR was the only field that held her attention and formed her a better lawyer. She told all about her experiences and thoughts about judiciary. She said being in the pants of a judge is really a hard thing to do for an individual. Because, most of the times. As people do not get satisfied with the decisions that they pass.


Judiciary is all about hearing people out. And this becomes very hard sometimes as people become desperate for justice. As court proceedings takes an enormous amount of time which makes people distressed. Many people are involved in a case it becomes all the more difficult. A lot of variables for instance police, appellant and defendant along with all other witnesses are involved in proceedings. Along with it the investigation also enters. And it all turns into a turmoil. As justice delayed is justice denied.




She exclaimed further about the virtual proceedings held now. It has been a leap in legal fraternity. Video conferencing are proved according to her. All the judges and staff are being trained very well. So, it’s not a hardship for her.Since, she has a great sense of technological advancements.


As this pandemic real societies contact has taken down, both technology and the cyber world becomes really important for today's time. We interact with the people can only be in virtual space.

To conclude


LawCommunity is a Place where you can interact with wide spectrum of peoples, she added. As an organisation, Law community is a very good plat form where budding lawyers prove their calibre and this platform to do internship which will make them better individuals as well.