In Conversation with Saloni Tuteja

Advocate Saloni Tuteja under the initiative of Lawyer speaks. She is deemed to be the Legal south-Asian Director of Zimmer Biomet. She had done her LL.M from the esteemed University of California. In a conversation with the litigant, she shares some of the insightful and enrichening facets from her life experiences.

Team Law Community
August 28, 2020

Success Mantra and Voyage

She acknowledged that how she comes from a non- legal background. She went through all the career options and out of all, she liked legal practices the most. So,she took admission in Indraprastha University, so she pursued internship in all the 5 years of her Integrated course.

Which gave her a useful insight in the legal arena. She used an elimination method to choose the field of practice that she wants to pursue and she came up with corporate sector practice. Then she told about the vast reach of corporate sector. And those regular internships gave her a qualitative edge over others.

Internships are the basic opportunities which could make or break you as a lawyer in legal fraternity. Advocate Saloni Tuteja kept on working hard, trying variety of internship. It may be an in-house internship, litigation or simply in a law firm. That hunger in your belly must not end which will keep you going. You should value yourself and don’t think that you are just an intern, your work does not count. Just believe in your potential and make a mark in people’s mind is the mantra of success, she added.

LLM: An important step

As the conversation progressed, litigant stated giving her valuable advises. LLM is an esteem course to be a part off, it adds to your knowledge beyond your jurisdiction. Which is a great perk to have, as many of our Indian laws are influenced by the countries like USA and UK.

So, it also adds a chance to go abroad and litigate there. All you need is that inner voice which will let you know, when you are ready for doing Masters and in which field. And from the right university.

Work Experience

So,talking of work she said that her responsibilities are crisis management and Risk analysis. It is the major chunk of work that a lawyer has to do. Every little matter requires a legal assistance as they all come with T&C which makes the job all the more responsible. She believes that today, translates the future.

Which is true up to a large extent. She is the head of activities of India and south-Asia region. She also takes care of external and internal stakeholders of the company and maintains anti-corruption and anti-bribery departments too.

Career Struggle and persistence

Careers are made up by sheer persistence and never dying spirit, she shared a valuable piece of experience that she had in her first job. She told how she was regularly rejected in the well renowned law firm. She sent mails, couriers and even phone calls but she was rejected on a regular basis but this did not let herself down and finally she got an opportunity in the same firm. But all she needed to highlight was the resoluteness that she showed despite all the debacles that came in her way.

As a law aspirant you must look for connecting yourself with people. Now-a-Days there are many interfaces by which one could express their work and stay connected to various opportunities present. All these things make a great difference in the stature of an individual. It gives them a chance to intern at right places and on right time as well.

To conclude

She said, organisations like law community helps budding lawyers and uplift their calibre and gives them a feeling that their work matters. And this feeling matters the most. She added, I thought that internship in the activity that students of 4th and 5th year students but community had taken a golden effort to provide this opportunity to even the 1st year students.Conversation ended by greetings.