Trust, Honesty and Integrity: Connection between client and counsel.

Advocate Pallavi Pratap in her interview talks about the relationship between the client and counsel. She stated that confidence and passion is the attribute which can bow anyone down. Lawyers should be patient and calm with the client and should bear a responsibility towards the client. She mentioned her thought about the lawyers being the pillars of society and leading to amendments in-laws, which existed in country singe ages.

Team Law Community
August 29, 2020


Advocate Pallavi Pratap in a Semi Formal Conversation under the initiative of Lawyer Speaks. She is an advocate,and partner at Pratap and Co. Before opting for law, she used to be an Investment Banker. She was also planning for civil services. At her initial years of graduation, she was bit afraid of litigation. She never appeared for moot court.

According to her representing matters acted as driving force to her work. Over the years she observed senior advocates doing submissions. And watching how judges look to it. Also, she added about her desire to open a law firm, which is now into existence..


By her perception, laws are the reflection of society. As society changes, it becomes necessary to amend laws.As India is adapting Western Culture, the laws are also getting influence by same. She added Judgment of Adultery is influenced by west. Hence, the influence of west is not only on society but also on Jurisprudence.

Also, when asked about the field of law, be exhausted in future like engineering? She replied there that it is quite possible. The exhaustion can occur as there are many new law schools in the country now. She further added, at the time of competitive expertize everyone need to work hard.


She added that she is feels passionate to her work and never gets headache under being pressure. According to her difficulties daily are natural extension to growing. The characteristics which connect the client to counsel are trust, honesty and integrity.The client must have confidence on the counsel.

She recommended the field of law is vast so you should decide your area of work. The success will not come fast.Through her experience, the first 3 years would not be motivating. But without losing hope, you need to tighten your belt and work hard.


Lastly, she appreciated the initiative and work done by Law Community. She admires how the organization is helping budding lawyers. It is crucial time to help students. She wishes luck to the organisation for its service.