In Conversation with Manisha Chaudhary

Ms. Manisha Chaudhary, Under the initiative of lawyer speaks. She is deemed to be the Managing Director at UKCA group. She has done her masters from the esteemed ‘Cornell Law University’. She is a person of great stature, who had joined us, in a semi-formal conversation. She shares some very insightful experience out of her voyage of this legal arena.

Team Law Community
August 29, 2020


Unlike other lawyer, who accidently end up doing law. She was adamant to do it from the very beginning. Litigant choose legal career and made sure that she did every thing that shapes her career in every way possible. She did internships from various organisations and attended various moot courts to hon her skills and to know about various disciplines and advocacy procedures by the help of it.

Going abroad for Masters is one of the significant steps that she took. And it proved to be a whole new experience. She advised, that one should go abroad for not just LLM but the surrounding there are so different that it adds to one’s character as-well. Even the teachers there are ready to take students as their equals as they understand that a person can not possess all the knowledge present in the world. Masters from abroad is not only a qualitative edge over others but also an addition to your personality, she added.

Ms. Manisha Chaudhary as mentioned above is a managing director in UKCA which is owned by her father. But despite of her father being on the top she was not given any type of special treatment whatsoever. She was given all the Monotonous jobs. And was considers a spoilt brat, but she proved every one wrong and kept on achieving success step by step.


As the conversation progressed, Advocate talked about the importance of internship. In a lawyer’s life and how important they are to shape a lawyer’s career. She made her point justified by saying, when you complete your course, you would be 23. And have to match your calibre with senior counsels who would behaving 15-20 years of experience which equals your total age. So, internships teach you, train you and make you a better individual. You should have passion and zeal to achieve something.

Like according to her, she took experience of mergers and acquisitions in the beginning years of her course. Which helped her to achieve what she had achieved right now. Managing all diversities is no doubt difficult but the advantage and knowledge that it provides is immeasurable. You just have to keep in mind, your future clients. And that will certainly keep you going. Today, a company needs a perfectionist and that can only be achieve by never dying spirit.

She interned at various organisations, it may be a criminal law firm, corporate law firm or any other opportunity. Though she regrets that she was not able to do an internship under a practicing lawyer or A Judge.

She added that she was well aware with all the formalities of “National Company Law Tribunal”. So, when clients came to her. She was able take it with much more confidence and was able to make most out of it. This is one of the best perk that one could have prior knowledge of anything is a bane always. She proved it.

Helping society

No doubt, A lawyer should earn money. But one of the objectives of a lawyer is to make society a better place. And helping people of lower strata of the can be the beginning for the same. Lawyers should understand that they need to help people to make this country a better place. They may be a bit demanding as they come from a justice desperate society.

Helping these people gives a sense of accomplishment and achievement and gives a sense of belongingness. Which is a great feeling altogether. It according to me is one of the best feeling that one could have.

To conclude

She admired the kind of work that law community carries. A community like this helps budding lawyer to get a head start and achieve much more. This provides a whole new platform and opportunities to these little buds. It also provides youngsters with insightful internships and brilliant seminars along with it.These kind of community makes the world a better place and appreciate the work that law community, she added.