In Conversation with Kovida Priyum

Ms. Kovida Priyum, she is deemed to be POSH expert. To know about her experience, a Semi-formal interview was conducted the under initiative of Lawyer Speaks. She is advocate at Delhi High Court. As well as, she serves as a social worker for upliftment of the society.

Team Law Community
August 28, 2020


She told about her family background and pressure. She was pressurized to become either an engineer or a doctor. Since, her initial stage her inclination was towards law. She found it logical and fascinating. During her graduation,studying about Karl Marx and others became a reason for her inclination.

In the beginning of her legal studies, criminal law and human rights were very fascinating subjects to her. After getting law degree, she wished to do litigation. Since, she wasn’t from legal background it was challenging for She started litigating with her mentor.

Later,she got opportunity to work with Justice Sanghi. She admired her a lot in her interview for his politeness. She was working over criminal appeals,specifically kidnapping and murders.


She came across a case, which dealt with children exposed to sexual offences. That case caught her eye and she studied POSCO extensively. She talked about POSCO which is mainly based on Vishakha case’s guidelines given by Supreme Court.

She stated, “I am a strong supporter of Gender Neutral Policy.” And by this she explained not only women are harassed in the society but also men. Hence, laws must be gender neutral and it needs to be addressed in the workplace to make environment conducive for everybody.


She said it is a massive problem for whole world. Working online is not much enlightening and interactive enough. But, as everything has shifted on virtual platform. Everything is under vigilance and recorded. Hence, any offence committed can be recorded. Though, pandemic has hit the world hard.

She added, budding lawyers would have tough time in beginning. She influenced on the importance of gaining knowledge and socializing. According to her it is very important to focus on the opportunities. She added, there are going to be rejections, but you need to be resolute.

She mentioned, to be acquainted to reading judgments. She emphasized on the need of doing internships. Internships provides immense exposure. Taking up suggestions and conversations are always beneficial. Most importantly, constantly check for opportunities and be vigilant about it.


She appreciated Law Community for its efforts. She emphasized on the importance of being updated about the legal news. She talked about legal language is tricky and you need to be vigilant. Otherwise, you would be looking like a fool in open court.

The legal tech organizations are helping legal fraternity to gain knowledge.Providing people opportunities to understand the field is indeed a great initiative. The organization is giving chance to people to do better and enhance themselves as an individual.