In Conversation with Kiran Sharma

Ms. Kiran for a semi- formal conversation under the initiative of lawyer speaks. She shared a lot of facets from her life which will add up to the knowledge of law aspirants. She is deemed to be a corporate lawyer and she expertise in it. Her interest in law increased when she was pursuing Company secretary. As they seemed alike to her.

Team Law Community
August 28, 2020

As soon as she completed her law. She started practicing as a corporate lawyer.The motive of her, pursuing law after CS was her interest in it. She said, that these go hand in hand and gives a qualitative edge over other law aspirants incorporate field.

According to her, IBC laws amendment is very badly written and there are several gaps so itis vulnerable to interpretation. I was very apprehended from the amendment and for the other corporations IBC is a saviour regulation.


The pandemic of all day-to-day litigation, litigation has continued because only pressing cases are being dealt with and there are not so many urgent issues that can be dealt with by the Judge. And the work of the Public Sector is still going on all the discussions are going on. At the other hand, thanks to pandemic trials, E-Hearings have been implemented such that both prosecutors are using new technology and provide different hearing tools in court, she added.


She said, that before you join the law firm you should intend to develop your writing,you will be aware of the recent amendments and adjustments to the legislation should they emerge, because the world continues to alter the legislation in Corporate America. She had faced the challenges, because, she did intend to know Civil Litigation, and it has been her most challenging obstacle. So, this is where the internships play a very significant part.


You have to learn and study the entire day for the students just began and will aid you in learning. You need to learn of your abilities and limitations because you have entered into the real world. It’s helpful at reading, starting to write blogs, articles and all the other stuff. Now that you'll find out about the drafting. When you have such a field as a master, drafting is. She gave this experience which would definitely help individuals to focus and become begin what you do.


As an organisation, Law community is a very good plat form where budding lawyers prove their calibre and this platform to do internship which will make them better individuals as well.