Ladder of success; requires zeal.

Advocate Anupam Prasad, in his interview, mentions that there is the difficulty faced by everyone; but to face it, is the step taken by few. Quality of work requires the passion and courage of being followed by the people. Legal updates should be the first thing that a person should be thorough . He stated that achieving success should be the criteria in life, but should not be the only one, i.e. living the personal life is also very important for doing the best.

Team Law Community
August 29, 2020


He exclaimed that there is no basic strategy. Everyone has their own strategy of achieving success in life. What you need is that never dying hunger to achieve the best. That one factor leads you to go on and on to get something great in life. He added, he always wanted to work in big firms but you need to understand that beginning starts from very basic. So, you need to get yourself a basic start and climb the ladder of success on your own. And one day big firms will definitely higher you.  The same happened with Mr. Prasad.

When you initiate something, it is difficult but as you go on with it, it becomes easy with every new and helpful experience. Same happened with our litigant.Initially he received all the bulky work, as the time passed, he became much more experienced and educated about various policies and ways in which the work is being done. After 6 months the work that was given to him became a piece of cake. As hard times teaches best lessons.


Being a lawyer there are a lot of challenges that one faces in his career. Like for all the rest, law is a really successful career. One it doesn't have any shortcuts. And don't button up yours leeves, don't get irritated and do the best you can with your personal lives.Sure, there are a number of obstacles. Like you would also get suppressed and as many people would say ‘what you would expect from the law firm in Tire 1’.And doing struggle for long time for at least 10-15 years will be great experience. So, you have no guarantee that you're going to win, but you're not going to be miserable. Just keep up your never dying spirit up all times.

Starting a law firm is a whole new challenge. Mr. prasad kept in mind to get as client interaction as he could. Which would make him much more successful. For a head of a law firm you need to be well aware with all the policies and current affairs in the country. All you should look for is quality work, money will definitely follow you.


Law community has proven to be a very good platform which gives many internship opportunities. Along with it also gives a wonderful environment for the budding lawyer, He appreciated law community and wish all the best to them for their future endeavours.