Continuous Revisions can have better conclusions.

Advocate Aashna Suri in her interview, emphasized on being extrovert and gaining the knowledge every day so that aspirants can have better skills to represent them in front of anyone. Doing any task regularly gives the person expertise in that work, and then you can lead to specialization in that area. Law aspirants should Read, write and learn as much as they can. She mentioned, to give a head start to a career, one should always start with basics (District Court), and then climb the ladder of success, thereon.

Team Law Community
August 29, 2020

Diploma,in international Environmental law taught her a lot of new and valuable knowledge which shows us how a diploma changes a person into whole new character. It gives a practical experience.


It'snot just about one sector during lockdown but technology is relevant in any region. If we're thinking of justice, we haven't considered operating practically in the trials, so it's all been that social distancing is necessary because trials are available then there will be a number more media. But one needs to have the technical expertise for this.

It is one of the most important abilities that each law student and lawyer should have throughout their career. Since I like interacting with students, and some of them tell me that I don't like reading Judgements, they 're very long, so I always tell them to read it as a student, read it twice, and then understand the law behind it, and when you read it three times, you'll get to know something new about it. So, the point here is that repeated reading of one Decision will get to know a lot about it and you'll get to know a lot about it when you write about it. Legal writing is therefore as important as reading too,she added.


Students should be reading and writing, and learning as much as they can. Since there is so much internal politics in it that everyone will grasp you and throw you out and try to take your place and express yourself as much as you can,either verbally or in writing. She said that this is one of the superior quality advocates.


She said all lawyers support law community a lot because there are other forums like the Law forum, because it is not that easy to search a lawsuit or any specific case nowadays. But if there are landmark cases and new precedents all the platforms brief those very useful cases and judgments. On the other hand, the writings and other things are accepted. And by this they get inspired. Law students should be aware of the real Vakalat so first learn to other courts from the District Court then.