Since Rohingiyas are kicked from Bangladesh, because of increasing crime rate by the community. Rohingiyas are wandering as refugees on Myanmar and India borders. They are looking forward to get settle in the countries.

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August 29, 2020

The breakdown of COVID-19 has hit all the sectors of the world. Whole world has stopped due to the pandemic. Countries are having tough time to help their own people. So, at this phase it is not possible for Country like India to rescue refugees. India’s unemployment and poverty rate is increasing; economy is continuously suffering.


The Rohingiya Muslim Community believe this act is not letting them to settle in India. Since, the act talks about Christian, Hindu, Sikh and other communities except Muslim. Recently, the community converted themselves to Christianity.They adapted Christianity to become part of India and reside here. [1]

Being a law student, I researched about the Citizen Amendment Act, 2019. The first thing I would say is CAA doesn’t applies to Indian Citizen and it does not take citizenship from anyone. Some misinformation is being circulated.

CAA covers people who are residing in Indian Territory for more than 11 to 5 years.It gives Citizenship to the people of mentioned Communities. Specifically,people who came from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan, who entered India on or before 31 December 2014.


This question is obvious, that why only one community is left out. Let us look at the mentioned Countries in the Act, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan. These are neighboring Countries of India, they are declared as “Islamic Countries”.

The bill was passed with 311 members voting in favor and 80 against.[2]311 members agreed because many Hindu, Christian, Sikh refugees have come to India before 2014. They felt unsafe and were haunted to death. “No one leaves home unless the house become devil’s cave.”


Many people questioned Article -14. But I would clarify, Article-14 is Fundamental Right which is promised to Indian Citizen. The people who are already Indian Citizen do not come under CAA. Hence, Right to Equality is not at fire.

CAA does not prohibits Muslims. Individual of any community can apply for getting Citizenship. Also, Countries like America and China are so specific about notgiving Citizenship to Muslims. But why no question is raised to them? Why are Rohingiyas India’s responsibility?