Best Law Firms in Intellectual Property Protection in India

The firm offers one of the most extensive I.P. teams in India, with experience in all areas of I.P. law. Professionals for patent and trademark infringement litigation across all levels of judicial fora.

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November 27, 2020
  1. Anand and Anand

This is a leading boutique with a good reputation in all areas of I.P. law. The team manages big-ticket domestic and foreign customers with copyright, trademark and patent rights, licencing, compliance and commercialization projects. On the litigation front, the company handles infringement daily, settling and counterfeiting cases, protection of domain names, and dilution and tarnishment of trademarks.

  1. Kochhar & Co.

It manages the entire trademark and patent portfolio for a vast list of multinational companies in all sectors, as well as having on its client list several India's largest public-sector institutions. With practice head Tarvinder Singh actively operating on infringement and passing-off lawsuits, patent drafting and scanning operations, launching third-party fraud proceedings and domain name applications, the full spectrum of prosecution and compliance services are catered for. The company also offers its customers cross-border I.P. strategies.

  1. R. K. Dewan & Co.

The firm offers one of the most extensive I.P. teams in India, with experience in all areas of I.P. law. Professionals for patent and trademark infringement litigation across all levels of judicial fora. The firm's commitment to handling the entire I.P. portfolios (including copyright and plant varieties) for domestic customers and to enforcing their assets across global jurisdictions is of particular note. On entering the Indian market, Niti Dewan and Dinesh Nair also support important foreign customers with their I.P. strategy.

  1. Remfry & Sagar

It covers all facets of I.P. legal specifications for foreign corporate customers, including some of the world's biggest luxury goods players, FMCG, aviation, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, and cars. The full range of concerns such as portfolio management, filing and prosecution, registration and renewal, patent drafting, I.P. acquisitions, compliance actions and the opposition is handled by dedicated patent, trademark and litigation teams.

  1. Chadha & Chadha IP

The team excels in managing portfolios of patents for multinational names and big-ticket domestic firms. It provides the full spectrum of services – the drafting, investigation, compliance and litigation of patents and trademarks. Protection of domain names and disputes are also areas of expertise. Customers come from a wide variety of industries with cited experience in the fields of pharmaceutics, chemistry, automotive, electro-electronics, chemistry, telecoms and entertainment fields.

  1. Inttl Advocare

A special area of focus for the I.P. boutique is trademark and copyright litigation. The corporation has recently switched from sole proprietorship to a partnership model. It has multinational clients with demands for the violation, discharge and dilution through the courts and the upper courts. The company also tackles non-controversial issues like I.P. licensing, transactional support and international prosecutions.

  1. Khaitan & Co LLP

The firm treats both the complainant and defendant in the upper courts and tribunals; it has been especially involved in the patent infringement space serving multinational clients. The full range of I.P. matters, such as the filing and enforcement of patents and trademarks, the management of whole portfolios, trademark lawsuits and the transfer of I.P. rights based on corporate transactions, are dealt with by various practitioners. The team also offers assistance with copyright applications and has expertise in biodiversity and plant variety in niche fields.

  1. Obhan & Associates

The diverse areas of biotechnology, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, life sciences, nanotechnology and agribusiness are main industries with important recent instructions concerning international infringement arbitration, patent and trademark dilution lawsuits and other compliance proceedings before tribunals and registries across India, and the company leads on the full spectrum of I.P. issues. Routine non-controversial concerns include managing multinational portfolios, patent acquisition and transition exercises, as well as prosecution.

  1. Saikrishna & Associates

The firm operates in a wide variety of sectors including telecommunications, media and entertainment, pharmaceutical, software and FMCG. The team addresses litigation problems such as resistance to patents and trademarks, infringement, and the transition of cases to tribunals and registry for. The full range of trial programs, including reporting, accessibility searches and renewals, are looked after.

  1. Singh & Singh Law Firm LLP

The firm handles trademark and patent cases, including infringement, dismissal, and unfair competition and counterfeiting. For customers in the publishing, media and entertainment sectors, the company manages a range of high-profile copyright disputes and cites unique experience in enforcing FRAND-encumbered patents.

  1. W.S. Kane & Co.

W.S. S. Kane & Co provides a dedicated I.P. legal team with substantial strength in defence work for cases involving trademark and copyright infringement and handing off (although still maintaining a wide list of defendant customers). The attorneys are experts in representing clients before the WIPO arbitration forum in domain name disputes. The business also provides a complete range of non-contested services, such as trademark prosecution, search and filing, copyrights, patents and geographical indicators.