Vizag Gas Leak

Jun 4, 2020

A toxic gas leaked from a plant of LG Polymer Ltd. which is believed to be Styrene, it killed 11 people and injured several. Due to the lockdown this plant was temporarily shut and was going to be in operation again. People over there acted smartly and saved their lives somehow but the people who lived near that plant couldn’t be saved. The authorities reported there immediately and handled the situation very well. FIR was lodged in the near by Police-Station which just stated a smoke emerged out of that plant. Later National Green Tribunal filed a petition to investigate the matter. And said that this situation attracts the principle of the Strict Liability. But later, Hon’ble Court said that this principle is inadequate the principle of Absolute Liability should be applicable. This principle states that it is the absolute liability of a person/company who stores the hazardous substance or are engaged in such kind of hazardous activity. Court imposed the fine of Rs. 50 crores on the Company and told that no Director of the Company will go out if the India and ceased their passport as well. And further noticed that no asset will be moved out without leave.